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DDA Waivers We Work With

Waiver Basics

Waivers offer an array of services and benefits such as choice of qualified providers, due process, and health and safety assurances.

The name waiver comes from the fact that the federal government “waives” Medical Assistance/Medicaid rules for institutional care in order for Maryland to use the same funds to provide supports and services for people closer to home in their own communities.

Community Pathways Waiver (CPW)

In Maryland, the Developmental Disabilities Administration administers the Community Pathways Waiver on behalf of Maryland Medicaid. Each waiver has its own unique set of eligibility requirements and services.

The Community Pathways Waiver provide supports and services to eligible persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities from birth and older so they can remain in their home and community. Maryland has set criteria to determine eligibility for Medicaid waiver enrollment. Financial eligibility is based only on the income of the individual, not the income of the parents.

Community Supports Waiver (CSW)

Most services that are offered under Community Supports Waiver are same as offered under Community Pathways Waiver except the annual per person service funding cap of $25,000.

Services We Provide Under Community Pathways And Community Supports Waivers

Personal Supports:

These services provide individuals with the support necessary to enable them to live in their own homes, apartments, family homes, or rental units with no more than two other non-related individuals receiving the same type of services or members of the same family regardless of the family size. PS provide full range of community based supports including assistance with ADLs, general supervision as well as assistance with community based chores and activities. Personal Supports program staff teach individual community integration, independent living and safety skills in the community and home setting. Personal Supports program staff assist individuals who lives in their family homes with acquiring, building or maintaining skills necessary to maximize their personal independence.


We offer transportation options to many individuals in our programs. We assist individuals with mobility training, we encourage individuals to become self sufficient when working and going out into the community.

Community Development Services:

Community Development Services help individuals learn new skills and keep the skills they currently have related to their individual goals and outcomes. Services provides individuals with opportunities to engage in community based activities that support building social connections (capital), socialization, life-long learning, recreation, and personal development for the purpose of: 1. Building and strengthening relationships with others in the local community who are not paid to be with the individual; and 2. Learning, practicing, and applying skills that promote greater independence and inclusion in their community. B. Community Development Services can also be used as supports for individuals as a retirement support based on the aging process.

Service may be provided in groups of no more than four (4) individuals with developmental disabilities, all of whom have similar interests and goals as outlined in their person-centered plan except in the case of self-advocacy groups. Community Development Services are day services.

Supported Living Services:

Supported Living services provide individualized supports, delivered in a personalized manner, to individuals who live in homes of their choice, with whom and where they want to live, and the type of community activities in which they wish to be involved based on their personal resources. Service assists individuals in living independently and provides opportunities to help the individual help shape the direction of their lives. Individuals can choose to live on their own or with a roommate and learn how to make everyday decisions, such as what to cook for dinner, how to manage money, and engage and participate in their community. Supported Living services may be provided in the individual’s own house or apartment. Service may include coordination, training, supports, and/or supervision (as indicated in the person centered plan) related to: self-advocacy; adaptive skills; community engagement; daily living; health-related matters; personal care; protection and oversight; social and leisure skills; and transportation and travel training

Supported Living services are not available to individuals receiving supports in other residential support services models including Community Living Group Home, Shared Living, and Enhanced Supervision Services.

Unique Program Features:

Our Admissions Committee staff members will meet with you and discuss in great detail your needs.

We will develop a custom program to meet all your unique needs.

We will present the program to you, your family and your advocate for any suggestions and/or changes before submitting documentation to the funding source.

We will be available to communicate with you, your family and your advocate 24/7 365 days a year if you need us.

We will be there to help you and support you in all situations. We are working for you but not against you.