Apply for Services

Individuals with current active DDA/DHMH funding are welcome to apply. Usually the application process is conducted through Service Coordination or by contacting us directly. Individuals must confirm funding through their Service Coordinator/DDA Case Manager before applying. We welcome transfers from other DDA agencies that are unable to meet individuals’ needs

Steps Individuals Must Take to Apply for Services:

1. Contact us via phone or e-mail to schedule an interview. We will respond to every contact within 24 hours.

2. Visit our program, talk to our staff and individuals in the program, receive program materials. We will walk you through the process of starting service with you.

3. We encourage that you talk to your coordinator and invite him/her to the initial meeting. Please make sure that you compare us to other providers and make your educated choice based on the facts but not emotions.

4. Go to Developmental Disabilities Administration to get detailed information on eligibility for services and other important facts of service delivery in Maryland.

5. Call Center for Community Integration, Inc. Program Director with any questions you may have after the visit.

We will welcome you to the family!!