Maryland Services

Unique Program Features:

Our Admissions Committee staff members will meet with you and discuss in great detail your needs.

We will develop a custom program to meet all your unique needs.

We will present the program to you, your family and your advocate for any suggestions and/or changes before submitting documentation to the funding source.

We will be available to communicate with you, your family and your advocate 24/7 365 days a year if you need us.

We will be there to help you and support you in all situations. We are working for you but not against you.

Personal Supports:

These services provide individuals with the support necessary to enable them to live in their own homes, apartments, family homes, or rental units with no more than two other non-related individuals receiving the same type of services or members of the same family regardless of the family size. PS provide full range of community based supports including assistance with ADLs, general supervision as well as assistance with community based chores and activities.

Vocational/Supported Employment Services:

These services include vocational skills assessments, job development, job training, job coaching, advocacy and follow up. Services are community based. Individuals are placed in community competitive employment arrangements with local employers appropriate to their interest, skills and abilities. Limited transportation to job sites can be provided. Services may be provided in partnership with Division of Rehabilitation Services and other State, Federal and private entities. We utilize individualized approach towards each participant we serve. This allows us to achieve a high level of employability and job retention. All services are community based and not center based.


We offer transportation options to all individuals in our programs. We assist individuals with mobility training, we encourage individuals to become self sufficient when working and going out into the community.

Community Development Services:

Community Development Services help individuals learn new skills and keep the skills they currently have related to their individual goals and outcomes. Services provides individuals with opportunities to engage in community based activities that support building social connections (capital), socialization, life-long learning, recreation, and personal development for the purpose of: 1. Building and strengthening relationships with others in the local community who are not paid to be with the individual; and 2. Learning, practicing, and applying skills that promote greater independence and inclusion in their community. B. Community Development Services can also be used as supports for individuals as a retirement support based on the aging process.

Other Community Services:

With new Waivers getting approved, we will be offering more services to meet individuals’ needs best. Please contact us regarding services incorporated into Community Supports and/or Family Supports Waivers, and Community Pathways Waivers