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Board of Directors

Peggy Ollerhead


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Leadership Team

Leon Indoursky, M.S & M.Ed

Executive Director

Leon has been with Center for Community Integration, Inc. since 2003. Leon is one of the founders of this organization. Leon has over 20 years of professional experience serving individuals with Intellectual disabilities in the State of Maryland. Leon is well vested into the service delivery process. In years prior to founding of CCI, Inc. Leon worked for several DDA Maryland provider agencies as Job Coach in Vocational programs, as Coordinator of Community Services as well as Program Director and Chief Operating Officer for Vocational, Residential and Community based programs. Leon received MS degrees in Education and Human Resources management.

Marina Moore, M.S

Director of Programs and Services

Marina has been with Center for Community Integration, Inc. since 2014. Marina directs Personal Supports, Vocational and other community based programs. Marina has many years of professional experience working in senior management for several International corporations in Europe and South Africa as well as teaching for Community College of Baltimore County and other local colleges. Marina is experienced in managing program staff and ensuring that highest quality of services is maintained.


Center for Community Integration, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C) (3) organization supporting children and adults with special needs. CCI is committed to the belief that all persons have the right to be part of the mainstream of life. Basis to this belief is that all human beings have the right to live and work in the community. CCI advocates for and provides support to persons with developmental disabilities in order to realize these rights within the community. Community integration is accomplished through the community supports and vocational programs by providing support and encouragement for individuals to become visible, productive members of the community.

The Center is dedicated to improve quality of life through an integrative supportive system, care, love and partnership. The Center provides quality community-based services to help families and children achieve social independence. CCI provides a consistent message that the outcomes and procedures utilized should reflect the basic values underlying normalization and integration. CCI believes that as an organization, we exist primarily because of our responsibility as people to the people for whom we provide services in the pursuit of our ultimate goal of true community integration, and that this goal can be achieved in a supportive manner which respects the right of every human being to live with personal dignity.

Company History

CCI, Inc. has been established in 2003 by a group of dedicated professionals as a 501 c 3 Charitable Non for Profit organization serving Individuals with Intellectual disabilities in Maryland. CCI, Inc. has extended into a full service agency offering a variety of Vocational, Personal Support and other community based services to eligible adults. CCI, Inc. continues to grow its programs. CCI, Inc. creates a flexible, person centered, family oriented system of supports so people can have full lives. CCI, Inc. provides services under DDA Community Pathways Waiver as well as Community Supports Waiver. CCI, Inc. was authorized by the State of Maryland to accept charitable donations for the causes this organization has been created for. Those who are willing to support us, please contact Executive Director.